Aya Blu
Brand, Channel and Artspace for Visionary Artists
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Behind The Brand


Welcome to this space, my name is Amy Spencer and I am the founder & creator of Aya Blu. I hope you find inspiration here!

Aya Blu is an ever-evolving platform for not only my own artworks but great artists who I meet and collaborate with on this creative journey.

There are many reasons why Aya Blu came to be a chosen name that represents the ethos that best represent my intentions when making Art.

Aya was a mother goddess in Akkadian Myth, her name means ‘Dawn’ and she was associated with the rising sun, known for her motherly energy that brings light to all. Tapping into the Aya energy as divine feminine wisdom and pouring it into all I create became a key theme and focus. The Blu part came through a deep love not only for the colour and its association with spirituality but meditation and insights leading to creating the ‘Bluniverse’. Here are some anagrams for the feeling of being ‘Blu’...                                                       Being Love Undivided, Benevolent Life Understandings and Breathing Light United.   So Aya Blu was born, as a reminder to not just myself but to all who come across this that art has the power to bring light, inspiration and healing - awakening our sense and enlivening them towards their fullest potentials. 

Aya Blu is the collective consciousness for those that represent this vision.. 

Thank you for your support and love in making this a resource that can be seen and reached by many.                                                                                                 

May you become your creative vision, 




For Inquiries, Collaborations and Commissions email ayabluart@gmail.com